Air Starters Market – Industry Trends, Key Drivers, Forecast 2027

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Global Air Starters Market – Introduction

  • An air starter is a type of air motor, combined with a set of gear reductions attached to the flywheel, which is specially designed to start an engine.
  • Air starters are designed to work on diesel engines and gas turbines, so as to work with reciprocating of engines.
  • An air starter is a mechanical device that is used to create the essential torque and power to start an engine using the stored energy. It is powered by compressed air which can provide a reliable and safe energy source while eliminating the possibilities of electric spark. Additionally, air starters are designed so that they can give engines a longer life.
  • Air starters provide good performance in harsh environments due to its durability. They are widely used in dusty mining industries, salty marine industry, and in the challenging oil and gas industries. Moreover, air starters have high power to weight ratio and are much simpler and compatible with turbine engines.
air starters market

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Global Air Starters Market– Market Dynamics

Key Driver of Air Starters Market

  • Growing adoption of air starters in different industries across the globe
    • Air starters are widely used in different industries such as oil and gas, aerospace and defense, automotive, marine, mining, and transportation due to the large scale application of heavy equipment which can be used in a controlled environment.
    • Air starter is a universal technology, widely adopted and used in various industries, which is expected to enhance the demand for air starters across the globe. Among these industries, aviation and oil and gas are the major industries that employ air starters in large numbers due to huge government investments in these industries across the globe, which is expected to fuel the demand for air starters over the forecast years.
    • Furthermore, air starters are extensively used in these industries due to its simple design, robust construction, low maintenance, and high compatibility. This in turn is projected to drive the global air starter market over the next few years.
    • Demand for air starters is anticipated to rise in the next few years in the marine and power generation industry due to their high reliability and durability.
    • Demand for air starters is growing due to the continuous growth in demand for cars, demand of aircrafts due to rising air traffic, as well as ships and heavy equipment or machinery, which in turn is expected to accelerate the growth of the air starters market worldwide.

Restraint affecting the growth of air starter market

  • Presence of substitute products hampering the growth of the air starters market
    • Presence of substitute products such as electric starters and variable frequency drives is one of the negative factors hampering the air starters market.
    • Besides, high cost as compared to other substitute products is another factor limiting the growth of the air starters market worldwide.
global air starters market

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