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Coated Laser Paper: An Overview

Coated laser papers are used for high-quality printing such as catalogs & magazines, brochures, and postcards. It can also be used for household writing & printing applications and is compatible with various printing machines. Use of coated laser paper adds a premium professional touch to the magazines & other similar publications.

Moreover, unlike uncoated papers, coated laser papers require less ink to print, as they are not as absorbent. Thus, they produce sharp images as the ink remains on the surface. This clarity offered by coated laser paper remains the primary reason for its wide adoption.

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Coated Laser Paper: Drivers & Restraints

The dedicated consumer base for printed content is expected to remain a key driver for coated laser paper market in the coming years. Despite the increasing penetration of online reading materials, there is a specific set of readers who prefer reading the hard copy of the written content over the digital one. This inclination can be attributed to the behavioral aspect of the consumer. Also, written content can be used as a collectible later, which is not always possible with online content. This is especially significant in the case of catalogs & magazines where chances of substitution are relatively lesser.

Furthermore, many consumers’ leverage online reading content, but reluctance is seen when asked to pay for that online content. Moreover, the emerging markets are posing remunerative potential for the coated laser paper market. The per capita paper consumption in emerging countries is way below the global average, which provides ample opportunities for the growth of coated laser paper in the foreseeable future.

However, rising concern over environmental issues might pose a threat to the growth of coated laser paper market. The production process of a single sheet of coated laser paper uses about 15oz. of water, this water can be saved if consumers adopt digital solutions. Owing to this, manufacturers are now more concerned about the emissions during the papermaking process. Hence, they are trying to control the wastewater generated at the source. Apart from this, solid waste management is another crucial concern for the manufacturers of coated laser papers.

Also, various institutions are seriously considering reducing their paper consumption as a part of overall cost reduction efforts. This is anticipated to reduce the demand for coated laser paper significantly. Companies are opting for cheaper and light-weight papers for their printing applications. These practices are likely to negatively impact the demand for coated laser paper during the forecast period.

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Coated Laser Paper: Segmentation

Globally, the coated laser paper market is segmented by thickness, finish, paper size, and end-use.

By thickness, the global coated laser paper market is segmented as follows

  • 80 GSM – 120 GSM
  • 121 GSM – 160 GSM
  • 161 GSM – 200 GSM
  • 201 GSM and above

By finish, the global coated laser paper market is segmented as follows

  • Gloss
  • Matte

By paper size, the global coated laser paper market is segmented as follows

  • A/4 paper
  • A/3 paper
  • A/5 paper
  • Other sizes (A/0, A/1, A/2, etc.)

By end-use, the global coated laser paper market is segmented as follows

  • Commercial
  • Institutional
    • Educational Institutions
    • Public Institutions
    • Private Institutions
  • Household

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