Corrugated Plastic Dividers and Partitions Market – Analysis by Global Market Leaders, Region, Product

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Global Corrugated Plastic Dividers and Partitions Market: Overview

The global protective packaging market in terms of revenue is estimated to exceed USD 40 billion by 2027. Factors, such as continuous technological advancements coupled with rising manufacturing output, and increased consumer spending in retail sector, are projected to be the significant growth factors. Moreover, high penetration of e-commerce industry, specifically in the APAC region is expected to drive the protective packaging market during the forecast period.

Today, the core of packaging lies in the safety of product during its conveyance or the time before product purchase or consumption. Several packaging options across the globe, offer superior appealing values to the manufactured goods from varied industries, corrugated plastic dividers and partitions are one of that protective packaging solution that submits the elementary property of product security.

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Corrugated plastic is also known as corriboard and is an integral part of reusable / sustainable / returnable packaging made from high-impact polypropylene resin. The graphics industry was the first to adopt corrugated plastic but over time, the mounting demand of reusable packaging to resolve issues of solid waste generation has lead to inroads for corrugated plastic packaging especially in designing protective packaging solutions.

Moreover, use of corrugated plastic dividers and partitions recalled the significance of weight reduction. For instance, application of light weight corrugated plastic dividers with boxes/totes in air freight for postal mails can lead to saving of $1 million of annual fuel cost. Hence, for material handling applications the light weight corrugated plastic dividers and partitions meets the ergonomics requirements across a range of industries.

Corrugated plastic dividers and partitions are designed to fit your existing / custom-designed containers such as totes, bulk and foldable containers, steel racks & frames, trays, etc. and act as separators that guard fragile product against any damage due to sudden impact during delivery between manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and consumers. Corrugated plastic dividers and partitions are applied in safe shipping of automotive spare parts, electronic appliances, consumer products, etc.

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Global Corrugated Plastic Dividers and Partitions Market: Drivers & Restraints

Cost-effectiveness along with higher operational performance are some important factors that fuel the demand for corrugated plastic dividers and partitions and have thus furthered the growth of the corrugated plastic protective packaging market across the globe. Growing demand for consumer products on the verge of fast-moving consumer lifestyle and rising per-capita income has thus fueled the demand for protective packaging solutions across the globe. Mounting applications of corrugated plastic protective packaging from safeguarding of fragile products to its safe carriage, dividers, and partitions particularly in developing countries are expected to observer fresh investments in the protective packaging market.

However, scrapping & dumping of corrugated plastic dividers and partitions remains a serious challenge for manufacturers, thus compelling the governing bodies to induce punitive recycling protocols for the market players across the globe.

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