How to remove fat from your knees: nutrition and necessary exercises

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How to make the right menu to get rid of excess fat. What exercises and masks will help get rid of deposits on the knees.

Fat on the knees is able to “mutilate” even the most beautiful legs. Scientists explain this phenomenon by certain characteristics of the human body, its physiology. But this does not mean at all that one needs to put up with this shortcoming. Below we will look at how to remove fat from the knees and what exercises are best for this work.


Let’s start with nutrition

Elimination of excess fat from the knee area implies the implementation of a whole range of measures, including the normalization of the diet, special exercises and masks. At the same time, it is necessary to begin with a review of approaches to nutrition. There is nothing complicated here. Pay special attention to dairy products, chicken, fish, oatmeal, vegetables and fruits. Forever forget about harmful foods that contain fast carbohydrates. In addition, try to eliminate fatty, salty and spicy foods from the menu.

Try to make your food schedule normalized, and break up standard portions into several parts. The ideal number of meals per day is 5-6 .

Physical exercise

Many are interested in how to remove fat from their knees, and even try to change their diet. But adjustments in the diet are too few to achieve the result – in addition, it is worth doing special exercises. The task of training is to fight overweight in general.

One of the best solutions is Nordic walking . Its essence is in fast movement using ski poles. The advantage is the opportunity to spend more time in the fresh air. In addition, you can engage in at any convenient time, without being tied to a specific schedule.


Of course, Nordic walking is just one way to solve the problem. There are no less effective exercises that deserve close attention:

  • Take a standard vertical position, transfer all the weight to one of the legs, and lift the second. Now begin to rotate it in the knee in one and the other direction. In each of the directions should be made 12-15 turns. This exercise contributes to a high-quality warm-up of the knee joint and elimination of unnecessary deposits.
  • Set your legs as tight as possible to each other. Keep your brushes at waist level. Now let the air out of your lungs while taking a step forward and crouching in the lunges. At the moment of inspiration, return to the starting position. Do the same exercises with the other leg. The number of repetitions should be 15-20 for each.
  • Put your hands on your lower back. Lift one leg so that the knee joint is at the level of the pelvic area. Set the outside of the foot directly in front of you, and pull the toe inward. After that, make sure to unscrew the leg in the opposite direction, and in front of you is the inside of the foot. Perform such movements for each of the legs alternately 10-12 reps.
  • Spread your legs at shoulder level. Take air into the lungs and bend the right knee joint with weight transfer on one leg. Start tilting with springing for 12-15 seconds. After return to the starting position. The number of repetitions for each of the legs is 12-15.
  • Put the brushes on the belt, legs set close to each other. On exhalation, bend the right knee, the toe is as close to the body as possible, after which the leg straightens. At the time of inspiration, it must be returned to its original position. The number of repetitions should be 18-20.
  • Put your legs so that they are slightly wider than the shoulders. Straighten your arms, turn your feet slightly inward. Do squats. The number of repetitions is 16-18.
  • Set your feet shoulder width apart, raise and extend your arms in front of you. Fasten your fingers at the same time. As you exhale, do a squat until the thigh is parallel to the floor. Hold in this position for 12-15 seconds. After that, exhale and return to the starting position. Take a short rest for 3-5 seconds and repeat again.
  • Take a position on your side. In this case, the leg, which is lower, should be in a slightly bent position. Another do 12-15 lifts.

Special masks

As already mentioned, for the effective elimination of fat from the knees you need not only exercises and proper nutrition. It will also be useful to make a mask for the knee joints. If there is no desire or time to prepare formulations according to recipes, then you can purchase ready-made products at the pharmacy kiosk.

A simpler and cheaper option is the preparation of a composition based on cabbage . The process is quite simple. As a basis, young cabbage is taken, which is finely chopped, poured into a special container and mixed with kefir (sour cream). After that, the composition is mixed to the desired consistency, applied to the knee and covered with a thin film. Alternatively, cotton fabric may be used. The compress time is about half an hour.

Another effective compress is prepared on the basis of regular honey . The wrapping process is carried out according to the same principle. Before visiting the shower room after the mask, do a small massage using special cosmetics.



It is impossible not to note the healing effect of blue clay. To prepare the clay mixture you need to mix with water and mix well. As a result, a dense composition should be formed. After this, the mixture is applied to the knee with a mandatory wrap with a thin film. To enhance the effect, it is advisable to wear pants made of thick fabric. The time for such a procedure is about three hours.


If you think over your diet rationally, regularly perform exercises and make masks, you can permanently get rid of not only fat deposits on your knees, but also excess weight in general. The main thing is to set a goal for yourself and go towards it, no matter what.

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