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Clover honey is typically sourced from the nectar of clover blossoms and hasn’t been processed, heated, or pasteurized at all. Growing consumer inclination toward a variety of sweetener options has led to the demand for clover honey which is relatively light, smooth, and mildly sweet. In addition, clover honey contains varying levels of antioxidants and plant compounds which provide numerous health benefits in contrast to refined table sugar. Owing to its high vitamin content and trace of minerals such as calcium, zinc, and potassium, clover honey is considered to be highly beneficial for preventing oxidative stress, promoting heart health, and immune system. Rising application of various types of honey in industries such as pharmaceutical and cosmetics is likely to impact the development of clover honey market.

Clover Honey Market – Notable Developments

Barkman Honey, Beeyond the Hive, Capilano Honey, Dabur, Golden Acres Honey, Little Bee, R Stephens Apiary, Savannah Bee, Steens, Yanbian Baolixiang, Shanghai Guanshengyuan, Spruce Impex Bangalore, Bee Maid Honey, Billy Bee Products, Comvita, Dutch Gold Honey, HoneyLab, Polar-Honey, Rowse Honey, Sioux Honey, The Honey, Dalian Sangdi Honeybee, and UTMT are some of the leading players participating in the clover honey market.

  • In February 2019, Comvita, one of the world’s leading honey brands, launched the first-ever Apple Cider Vinegar with UMF™ 5+ Manuka Honey for the U.S Market. The product features unpasteurized, unfiltered apple cider vinegar made from non-GMO Honeycrisp apples and 5% of UMF™ 5+ Manuka Honey.
  • In January 2019, Capilano Honey Ltd. announced that its parent company Allowrie honey brand will retire from supermarket shelves, and it will start transitioning the business out of the brand by making all honey products 100% Australian. The company released its new prebiotic honey – Beeotic in the US market in September 2018, which contain a combination of eight naturally occurring carbohydrates.
  • In October 2018, Savannah Bee, a leading clover honey market player, collaborated with Dixie Vodka, a US spirits brand to develop a 40% ABV honey-flavored vodka. According to the companies, the new ‘Dixie Wildflower Honey Vodka’ will have a hint of sweetness which can be consumed on its own or in cocktails.

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Clover Honey Market Dynamics

Rising consumer preference for natural and better alternatives to artificial sweeteners has been influencing the consumption of honey across the globe which in turn is expected to be highly impactful on the growth of clover honey market. In addition, growing awareness among consumers regarding the health benefits of clover honey and its increasing popularity on the account of antioxidant and disease-fighting properties will possibly shape the future of clover honey market. Further, growing use of clover honey in both food and non-food applications including chemicals, medical, cosmetics, and others is likely to create potential growth prospects of the market.

Asia Pacific to Contribute Significant Growth of the Clover Honey Market

Ever-rising population coupled with growing healthcare spending and awareness regarding medicinal benefits of clover honey in the emerging economies of Asia Pacific such as China and India is the key factors favoring the growth of clover honey market in the region. Being one of the largest honey producers in the world and rich sources of nectar, key players are foreseeing China to be the highly lucrative region for clover honey market.

Growth of the clover honey market can also be attributed to contributions from North America and Europe, accelerated by increasing use of honey as alternative to sugar along with growing food and beverage consumption in the regions.

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