Pyrometer Market to Reach at a High CAGR Between 2018-2028

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Pyrometer Market – Introduction

Manufacturing processes and industries are rapidly undergoing automation across the globe. Today, automation sensing technology has attained a high level of accuracy.  A pyrometer is an equipment or a device widely adopted to measure high levels of temperature. They belong to a class of thermometers which are designed to measure the heat and type of heat emitted from an object. Modern pyrometers are also referred to as infrared pyrometers that can measure the energy radiated from a distant object without needing for direct contact between the object and the device. Pyrometers can also measure the temperature of cooler objects.

The pyrometer market is mainly driven by the increasing demand for innovative non-contact temperature sensing devices. Extensive applications of pyrometers in heavy industrial processes are triggering growth in pyrometer market.

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Pyrometer Market – Notable Developments

  • In April 2019, AMETEK Land revealed its enhanced SPOT infrared pyrometer software packages, SPOTPro and SPOTViewer. The newly launched pyrometer packages are aimed at giving users a better understand of the performance of various processes and aid them in realizing industry 4.0 connectivity.
  • In December 2018, Extech announced launch of a ruggedized, dual-laser infrared (IR) thermometer named IR320, which is designed to perform rough and tough jobs indoors as well as outdoors. Extech’s new full-size infrared thermometer is also called a spot IR pyrometer and can withstand rough duty usage.
  • In November 2018, Advanced Energy Industries announced Rockwell Automation AOP for its new fieldbus-enabled pyrometer which is designed for industrial applications. Advanced Energy Industries showcased plug-and-play Onyx-M Pyrometer Series at the Automation Fair 2018.

Ametek Land, Inc.

Established in the UK in 1947, Land Instruments International Limited was acquired by the Process & Analytical Instruments Division of AMETEK, Inc in 2006. Today, AMETEK Land is a leading supplier of product application solutions, and operates in diverse industries, including minerals processing, glass making, steelmaking, hydrocarbon processing & thermal power generation.

Extech Instruments Corporation

Founded in 1971, and based in Nashua, New Hamshire, the company manufactures a wide range of measurement instruments. The product offering of this company includes clamp, multi, light, moisture, pressure, air flow, humidity, and sound meters. The company also provides testers, power analyzers, stroboscopes, stopwatches, and repairing & technical support services.

Advanced Energy Industries

Established in 1981 & based in in Fort Collins, Colorado, the company through its subsidiaries manufactures, designs, sells, and supports measurement, power conversion, and control solutions that convert electrical power into various usable forms.

LumaSense Technologies

LumaSense Technologies, a subsidiary of Advanced Energy company was established in 2005. The company provides innovative temperature & gas sensing devices and solutions for various segments such as global energy, advanced technologies, & industrial materials. Markets.

Omega Engineering Ltd

Established in 1962, Omega Engineering is an American instrumentation company with its primary factory in Bridgeport, New Jersey. The company designs and manufactures measuring instruments. It provides products for measurement & control of pressure, temperature, humidity, force, strain, level, force, flow, and conductivity.

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Pyrometer Market Dynamics  

Impressive Temperature Measuring Features of Pyrometer Optics Fueling their Adoption

Pyrometer optics are increasingly gaining traction from several industries, as they can measure temperature without direct contact with the target object, can measure temperature of diverse wavelengths, and provide accurate results as compared to radiation pyrometer. Furthermore, as the measurement done by pyrometer doesn’t depend on object and distance, they promise high flexibility in different cases. These factors are fueling growth in pyrometer market.

Increasing Industrial Automation & Demand for Non-Contact Temperature Measuring Devices Driving Pyrometer Sales

Burgeoning automation in the industrial sector coupled with the rising demand for robust temperature–measuring equipment in diverse industries, such as ceramics, glass, and forging, is driving growth in the pyrometer market. With these industries increasingly needing highly efficient, precision-driven devices that can operate in harsh environments, the demand for pyrometer is growing significantly. Furthermore, the rapid automation penetration in diverse processes and systems in the manufacturing sector is driving the adoption of accurate non-contact temperature measurement devices, such as pyrometer.

Wide Applications in Metal Processing Industry Augmenting Growth in Pyrometer Market

Pyrometers are witnessing growing adoption in the metal processing sector to measure temperatures at different stages of various processes including forging, extrusion, rolling, and die forming. Forging companies prefer precise, robust, and standalone temperature measuring equipment such as pyrometers & thermal imagers over thermocouples. This trend is providing considerable opportunities to stakeholders, and is anticipated to drive growth in pyrometer market in the forthcoming years.

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Pyrometer Market – Segmentation

Based on technology, the global pyrometer market is segmented into:

  • Infrared
  • Optical

Based on type, the global pyrometer market is segmented into:

  • Fixed
  • Handheld

Based on industry, the global pyrometer market is segmented into:

  • Glass
    • Melting Process
    • Float
    • Tin Bath
    • Cooling
    • Others
  • Ceramics
  • Metal Processing
    • Forging
    • Others

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